ISAP2014 Panel: “Stakeholder Communication for Informed Decisions: Lessons from and for the Displaced Communities of Fukushima”

  • 2014•11•14


    This video is also available in Japanese.

    Three years on from the Great East Japan Earthquake, the recovery for the communities displaced by the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi NPP still represents a daunting process. Many of the policies addressing recovery of these communities have been based on the assumption that evacuees will return once decontamination operations have decreased the radiation levels. In practice, the intentions to return are fading out as the evacuation gets protracted. This situation calls for stakeholder communication between policy-makers, experts and the affected communities enabling informed decisions regarding return or relocation and supporting informed policies that respects people’s choices. This session will focused on the issue of stakeholder communication to facilitate informed decision-making and informed policy-making in the process of recovery from complex disasters, to bring forward lessons from Fukushima and international experience relevant for its recovery.

    A full-length report on the panel as well as a list of speakers and presentation titles is available on the FGC website.