Fukushima Global Communication Programme launched in Yokohama

  • 2013•07•23

    The Fukushima Global Communication Programme was launched at a parallel session as part of The International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) 2013 conference in Yokohama on Tuesday 23 July 2013.

    Professor Kazuhiko Takeuchi (Senior Vice-Rector, United Nations University) delivered a keynote lecture introducing the programme and identifying some of the various impacts the Fukushima has had from a human security perspective. It was followed by a panel chaired by Kazuhiko Takemoto (UNU-IAS), which included Prof. Satoru Tanaka (University of Tokyo) discussing contamination efforts, Dr. Atsuro Tsutsumi (UNU-IIGH) talking about the mental health issues that arise in such disasters, and Dr. Madoka Futamura (UNU-ISP) identified the way the category of gender shaped and influenced the impact of the nuclear accident.

    A full summary of the session is available here along with video recorded by the FGC programme. In addition, the presentations delivered by the panelists have been made available: Prof. Tanaka (file); Dr. Futamura (file).